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Payday advances by Cash 1, Concord, California

Payday advances by Cash 1, Concord, California

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This site contains complete information on Cash 1 in Concord, Ca. All addresses can be found by you, cell phone numbers, emails, pictures, internet sites and browse the latest reviews regarding the clients of every Cash 1 department in Concord, Ca. money 1 works together with clients into the sphere that is financial a long time and offers payday loans, short-term loans, long-lasting loans and pay day loans for people and appropriate entities in Concord, Ca

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Our experience at money 1 pickup ended up being made really pleasant with the aid of Helen. She had been really helpful and patient although we had been wanting to deliver cash through western union. Really an employee that is amazing.

Bradley had been very useful, but he needed seriously to ask the manager Denise a concern regarding a check I happened to be trying to cash from State and she jumped down their throat and ended up being attempting to make it appear he started to ask the question, she was like what does she do this all of the time, mind you its the first time i have ever tried to cash any kind of check here like i was trying to commit check fraud because when. Then he states before he finishes Denise says do not call anybody, which they are supposed to do to verify a check that he needs to call the state to verify but they are not open today and. Therefore please get Denise appropriate administration training, or give the place to Bradley as he had been really service friendly that is customer.

Frequently I am likely to head to this location to deliver cash to Mexico since we got Julio as customer Service as a second time i will never go back to that location you should take a class before working for any place since your attitude of helping people does not helps at all since I work in Ellinwood Way but to tell you the truth. For all of those other team i will state there have been awesome but simply to get in there and find out this person acting for you the way you treat customers is not the best like he has the perfect answers.

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